3 Online Ad Design Tips

So, a few weeks ago, I was working with a print ad company that was also in charge of creating their web ads. Needless to say, it was a little rough. Below are the tips I gave them to help them jump into the modern world.

examples of nice ads
Good Online Ad Samples

Email with Ad Examples

You attached the print ad for this creative. We DO NOT use print ads for online ads. I need a digital file in the size specified for your ad (in this case 350×200 pixels). And, less is more, meaning DO NOT put all of that text from the print ad on the online ad.

An online ad should contain at most:

  1. Name or Logo of company
  2. Picture of Item or Store
  3. Sale or promo that is happening
  4. Call to Action, if it is not a branding ad

That is it. In online advertising, less is more. The goal of a digital ad is for viewers to see the company and click the image to go to the company’s website or URL of preference. You can think of it like a magazine cover; if you got all the info on a magazine cover, why would you open it?

If an ad contains too much info, it looks spammy and cheap and might contain a virus if they click it. Consumers are mentally trained by modern technology to click on simple ads and avoid overloaded ads. Digital ads are basically the opposite of what print ads are in their display techniques.

For example, this ad (the ad that was originally sent to me) should have the picture of the shop, and the info that is in the green box for their special. That’s it. The goal of an online ad is to get the customer to click. If you give all the info to a customer, they won’t click because they don’t need to.


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