Welcome to the graphic design and interactive design studio, KC Designs. My name is Kendra Corpier, and I am happy to see that you’ve found this nook in the digital forest of the World Wide Web.

KC Designs is local to Youngstown, Ohio and conducts business locally with meetings and worldwide via Skype. I am the answer for your video game graphic design and video game marketing needs. My designs help studios increase profitability, customer loyalty and brand recognition through the use of marketing and design.

By utilizing my knowledge of human relations, advertising, marketing, design and game development I help my clients control costs and better communicate with their audience through traditional marketing and social media marketing.

I offer a wide range of creative services specializing in digital video game media and game branding. Some project examples include game graphics, GUI/UI. game marketing stickers, logos, business cards, brochures, flyers, social media ads, expo and convention materials, promotional items and more.

I take pride in my work as your game development project becomes my primary focus. I strive to provide exceptional service through communication and high standards, earning the trust and respect of you and all of my clients.

Make the right decision today. Hire me, your professional video game graphic and interactive design professional.

Contact me today.


Kendra Corpier